Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, but for the challenge

While enjoying a recent posting from sundaynitedinner, I read of the Daring Bakers monthly challenge. Although my life is busy enough, I can't pass up a good challenge. The March challenge of lasagna looked fantastic, so I decided I'd sign up. Upon signing up I read that one should have a blog to post the results to share with others. So here it is.

I imagine this blog will be little more than a place to post my challenge entries. If I have the time and find I enjoy the process, I may try to post on a more regular basis. I find that the blogs I enjoy not only have wonderful looking dishes, but they also capture the authors' personalities. They have a nice, relaxed air to them. They appear conversational and casual, enjoying the process and the banter with the kitchen guests as much as the end result. Although many of those blogs I most admire appear to be lightly tossed together and served with minimal fuss, I recognize the time and effort required to pull off such an illusion. The time required not just in putting the dish together and posting the recipe, but in presenting the dish, photographing it, and writing intelligently and invitingly about the process. Unfortunately, I don't know if I have either the time or , more sadly, the personality to put together such a blog. There certainly is no need for yet another self-indulgent blog of look at what I can do. Oh well, let's see where this takes us. I'll try not to be always so grumpy. Slap the salve on my forehead, dish up some tahu telor, and maybe I'll smile, too.

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